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MBA Fees Structure of IIM’s for 2 years 2024-2026

Fees structure of IIM's for 2 years

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are a premier group of 20 public, autonomous institutions in India, dedicated to providing top-tier management education and research. Renowned for their rigorous academic standards and esteemed faculty, IIMs offer a variety of programs, including postgraduate, doctoral, and executive education. The two-year full-time MBA program, formerly known as the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), stands out as the most prestigious and sought-after course. This program equips students with comprehensive management skills and knowledge, preparing them for leadership roles in various industries. When evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for an MBA from an IIM, it is typically high due to the substantial financial and career benefits it offers. Graduates often secure lucrative job offers with attractive salaries, making the investment in an IIM MBA program worthwhile. The ROI can be assessed by comparing the total cost of the program to the average annual salary of graduates, which generally demonstrates a favorable outcome.

IIM Fees Structure for MBA: 2024-2026

IIM Ahmedabad26 Lakh
IIM Bangalore24.7 Lakh
IIM Calcutta25 Lakh
IIM Lucknow20.75 Lakh
IIM Indore21 Lakh
IIM Kozhikode22.5 Lakh
IIM Shillong22 Lakh
IIM Rohtak18.3 Lakh
IIM Trichy21 Lakh
IIM Udaipur20.4 Lakh
IIM Ranchi17.50 Lakh
IIM Raipur17 Lakh
IIM Kashipur17.3 Lakh
IIM Nagpur18.9 Lakh
IIM Vishakhapatnam17.85 Lakh
IIM Amritsar13.2 Lakh
IIM Bodhgaya15.5 Lakh
IIM Sambalpur20.3 Lakh
IIM Sirmaur16 Lakh
IIM Jammu17.15 Lakh
IIM Mumbai21 Lakh

Fees Structure of Top 6 IIM’s in Detail:

IIM Ahmedabad

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IIM Lucknow

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IIM Calcutta

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Total course Fee of Rs. 13,50,000 lakhs have to be paid in five installments of Rs. 90,000, Rs.6,25,000 (includes Rs. 40,000 as Refundable caution deposit), Rs. 2,92,000, Rs. 2,92,000 & Rs. 90,000 through Payment Gateway (for IIM Calcutta and IIT Madras) and demand draft (for IIT Kanpur) spread over one year duration of the program. The first installment of Rs. 6, 25,000 (includes Rs. 40,000 as Refundable caution deposit) has to be paid within three weeks of selection.

IIM Bangalore

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IIM Kozhikode

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INR.22,50,000/- (Indian Rupees Twenty Two Lakh Fifty Thousand Only). This fee includes program delivery, books and instruction material, in-campus hostel accommodation, and access to all in-campus facilities such as the library. Mess/Canteen charges would be additional and use-dependent. The above fees also includes program and coordination fees for the International Immersion module. Travel and stay related expenses for the international immersion will be additional and will have to be borne separately by the students.

INR 7,50,000 (Indian Rupees Seven Lakh Fifty Thousand Only) will be payable at the time of registration and the balance in three instalments.

IIM Indore

iim indore sees 10 jump in salary offers

The course fee for resident Indians (for two years) is Rs. 20,11,800/- (Rupees Twenty lakhs eleven thousand and eight hundred only) and Rs.30,11,800/-(Rupees Thirty lakhs eleven thousand and eight hundred only) for NRI Candidates. The course fee includes access to lectures, computer facilities, library etc. It also includes alumni fee and lodging. Course fee does not include cost of textbooks, hostel fees, insurance, etc.

IIM Shillong

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  • IIM Shillong is yet to release their fee structure for MBA this year.
  • Previous fees was Rs.14,60,000
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