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IIM Udaipur: Fees, Eligibility & Placements

IIM Udaipur

One of the nation’s fastest-growing management schools is IIM Udaipur, a second-generation IIM. The Indian government established it in 2011. By fusing excellence in teaching and research, IIMU hopes to carry on the tradition of the older IIMs and establish new standards for management education. By 2030, IIM Udaipur hopes to establish itself as a worldwide renowned management school, and we are unavoidably headed in that direction.

IIMU is well-positioned to uphold its fundamental principles of excellence and integrity because to its highly skilled faculty, thriving research environment, and ability to draw in the brightest minds in the nation. At IIMU, we push our students to broaden their horizons intellectually and with knowledge in order to prepare them for a transformative future in business and society at large.

Furthermore, by establishing solid ties with the community’s non-profits and government and collaborating closely with business on real-world projects, internships, guest lectures, faculty research, and several other activities held during the academic year, the Institute hopes to truly impact the area.

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The MBA admission process for the Institute consists of:

  • The CAT Exam
  • Shortlisting applicants for the process of personal interviews (PI)
  • Procedure for Personal Interviews (PI): The Personal Interview (PI) will take place online. All IIMs taking part in the Common Admission Process (CAP) will use the same PI process.
  • The IIM Kashipur, the CAP 2024 organising institute, will announce the precise date for PI. (There won’t be a written test for aptitude (WAT).
  • Creating the Merit List according to the CAT, PI, and Profile scores, as shown in the tables below.
  • Short listing to PI procedure selection criteria: The following lists the overall CAT percentile for various student categories as well as the cut-off percentile scores for each section’s eligibility to the PI process:
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Based on the criteria defined for each category, the Admission Committee of IIM Udaipur will determine the requirements for the MBA programme at the Institute as well as the ultimate number of candidates who will be invited to the PI process. However, the overall minimum score as well as section-wise minimum score would be decreased (or increased) to obtain the requisite number of candidates if the actual number of short-listed candidates is discovered to be fewer (or greater) than the needed number of candidates to be called for PI category-wise.

Selection Standards for Creating the List of Merits:

The following standards will be used to create the merit:

  • CAT Score 60%
  • 15% of interviews are personal (PI).
  • 25% of the profile the applicant’s CAT score divided by the highest CAT score among those who applied to IIMU and participated in the PI. It is made clear that the CAT Score, not the CAT Percentile, will be applied.

CAT Score: The CAT 2023 scores will be used by IIM Udaipur.

Personal Appearance: The Institute’s MBA admissions standards will weigh the following factors:
15% of interviews are personal (PI).
Applicants will not be considered for the merit list if they do not meet a minimum number of points in the PI. IIM Udaipur will determine the minimal scores at its own discretion.

Profile: The 25% component for Profile will be broken down as follows:

  • Academic Profile: 9%
  • Work experience: 10%
  • Diversity: 6%
    i. For Academic Profile, following will be the weightage:
  • 10th Standard: 2%
  • 12th Standard: 2%
  • Under Graduation: 4%
  • CA/CS/ICWA (completed): 1%

The qualifying CAT cutoff is announced by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur for admission to the postgraduate management programme. The IIM Udaipur cutoff specifies the minimal CAT scores a candidate must receive in order to be eligible to make a personal appearance. IIMU will take part in the CAP 2023 PI round, which is typical of the nine new IIMs.

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