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One question that every CAT aspirant asks across Social Media Platforms is “Given my past academics and profile, will I get a call from my dream B-School? If Yes, then what are the prerequisites of CAT score, graduation grades and board marks.
FundaMakers, The Best CAT Coaching in India, has a solution- The AI Powered Profile Professor which gives an accurate data regarding the CAT percentile you need and suggests you improvements in your profile to bag a great B-school call.
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A CAT Aspirant dives into his/her CAT preparation without knowing various possibilities and the selection criteria of a B-School Call. Thus, to help them in knowing their chances of getting an IIM Call on the basis of target CAT Score and Profile, with the data compiled over years of experience, FundaMakers has built an AI Based Profile Calculator names- Profile Professor.

Dive into your CAT Preparation with a set Target Percentile that needs to be achieved for your dream B-School.

FundaMakers’ Profile Professor answers typical questions like:

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unique features

Well, we won’t boast about the awesome features of FundaMakers’ Profile Professor- The IIM & Non-IIM Call Predictor, but here are some of the many key features that are embedded in this tool. Check out for yourself and know why thousands of students loved it…



Considers factors such as academic diversity, gender diversity and different categories.



Analysis of top 20 IIMs and their shortlisting criteria based on the latest data.


Normalization across boards

Mapping of relative State Board difficulty levels to reflect normalization of X/XII marks.



Validated against thousands of genuine IIM call getters.

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How the Profile Professor works

Every college be it an IIM or a non-IIM has their unique selection criteria for the admission process. This selection criteria is a cumulative sum of various factors that are considered during the process. Some of those factors are listed below:

  • Past Academics- Your Class X, Class XII, Graduation and/or Post Graduation Marks.
  • Number of Months/Years of Work Experience
  • Category/ Sub Category
  • Gender Diversity
  • College Stream Diversity
  • CAT Percentile

FundaMakers’ Profile Professor has been equipped with the selection criteria of around 40+ Top B-Schools of India and delivers the most accurate result about the B-School call that you will be getting based on the above mentioned factors. The Profile Professor analyses your profile parameters and compares it with the selection criteria of various B-Schools and provides you the list of IIMs and Non IIMs about your chances of getting a call and the CAT Score required for the same. If you are starting or are in the mid-way of your Online CAT Preparation/ CAT Classroom Preparation, start off with a set goal and work hard to achieve it. Don’t go into the waters without analyzing it’s depth. Make sure you know what you are signing up for.

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Common questions about IIM CALL Predictor

FAQ's | Profile professor

Here are some of the commonly asked questions of an aspirant regarding his/ her Online CAT Preparation / CAT Classroom Preparation that is answered by FundaMakers- CAT Coaching’s Profile Professor…

Profile Professor is an AI-tool designed by FundaMakers CAT Coaching to help the aspirants set their percentile that will be required to get a call from their Dream B-School.

You just need to log on to>Profile Professor> Fill up the fields asking for your 10th, 12th, Graduation marks, Work experience etc. It will tell you as to at what percentile, you will receive a call from IIMs & other Top B-Schools of the country.

To know more, check out this video:

You are required to know your Academic Scores and Work Experience while filling out the fields in the Profile Professor. 

No, you just have to fill in the required fields inorder to know the chances of an IIM or non-IIM Call and what CAT Score is required to fetch a call from your Dream B-School.

We have thoroughly compiled the data based on the selection criteria of the Top B-Schools and after testing it on thousands of IIM and Non-IIM Call Getters, we have launched the Profile Professor. Thus it is very much safe to say that the result is accurate.

Yes, you can. Profile Development was the major factor behind the birth of FundaMakers Profile Professor. It tells you the upgradations that are needed in your profile to get calls from Top B-Schools. So, you are pre-equipped with all the necessary conditions that will fetch you a call from IIM or Non-IIM Institutes. 

To know the accurate CAT Score required for getting IIM A/B/C call, analyse your profile using the Profile Professor.

No, we at FundaMakers CAT Coaching Classes have clubbed results of 40+ B-Schools both IIMs & Non- IIMs in the Profile Professor.

Check out the Profile Professor. Just fill in all the necessary details and check for yourself.

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