What to do in CAT 2017 ?

CAT 2017 is around the corner and it is indeed giving goosebumps to all CAT aspirants. What to do in CAT   is a question which I am usually asked. Let me share my opinions on this aspect .

    1. In verbal ability section, try to do the questions which are more direct. i.e. specific idea questions in reading comprehension, find the essence, restatements, para-completion etc. . Then move to main idea questions in reading comprehension and then go for para-jumbles. Make sure that you attempt all the questions which are Non- MCQ  type.
    2. In Quants section, I personally feel comfortable in Arithmetic, so i would like to start with Arithmetic and NS. It all depends on your comfort area. Then comes Geometry and then Algebra. All in all, an attempt of atleast 65 marks is the target in this section. It will easily fetch you a 99%ile. So i will focus on 22  questions before taking risk of spending a lot of time on difficult questions. Know your strength and filter the questions.
    3. In LRDI, Focus on data oriented questions first. Nowadays, CAT gives very different sets in this sections. So, questions which are direct should be attempted first. Don’t give a lot of time on one caselet, it will eat away your time. 15-18 number of question is considered a good attempt in this section.
    4. Make sure to scan the section before you start attempting it. Invest some time into it. May be 2 mins to quickly take a look of all the questions and then decide as to which questions to hit first.
    5. Keep yourself calm and composed , i think this is the most important personality trait which CAT tests. You panic and the paper slips away from hand. So keep in mind, if there is a problem there must be a solution. Panic just makes you weak. Don’t let it.
    6. A north of 50 questions will guarantee 99%ile in CAT. So, ensure that your attempts are suiting this number.
    7. All the best. Very soon, I will be back with CAT 2017 analysis for you guys. Find me at fundamakers at youtube and facebook. Till then, goodbye…..

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