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IIM Amritsar: Fees, Cut-off, Admission, etc

IIM Amritsar

The Ministry of Human Resource Development founded the Indian Institute of Management Amritsar (IIM Amritsar) in 2015 as a Public Business School and an Institute of National Importance in Amritsar, Punjab, India.[5] It is a youthful member of the 2015-founded Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) umbrella organisation. On August 6, 2015, Surjit Singh Rakhra, the Punjabi Minister of Higher Education and Languages at the time, gave the institute its official opening.

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Stage 1: Pre-Personal Interview (PI) Process

  • To identify which applicants will be invited for PI, the first stage of the process is applied to all eligible candidates who present for CAT2023.
  • Candidates who have achieved a minimum percentile score in each section and an overall CAT 2023 score are included in the initial shortlist. Only applicants who receive a positive (more than zero) raw score in each of the CAT-2023 components will be taken into consideration. Only applicants chosen for this initial shortlist are subject to additional PI/WAT screening. The minimum percentile cut-off scores that were predetermined.
  • The version from October 28, 2023. Copyright © 2019 Indian Institute of Management Amritsar. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited.
  • The information contained in this document is accurate for the CAT 2023 admission cycle for the MBA programme for the class of 2024–2026. This paper should not be used to draw any conclusions about the admissions procedure that was used in the past or that might be used in the future. IIM Amritsar retains the right, subject to the admissions committee’s agreement, to alter, amend, or introduce any new admissions procedure as it sees fit at any time.
  • Any disagreement regarding admissions to the different MBA programmes for the            2024–2026 batch is limited to the authority of competent courts located within the Amritsar, Punjab state. applicable for the MBA batch of 2024–2026’s first shortlist for CAT 2023 are shown at Table 1.

Table 1: Minimum Percentile Scores applicable to CAT2023 for the MBA batch of2024-2026

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  • Candidates’ percentage scores on the 10th and 12th board exams are first modified for all those in the first shortlist, according to the procedure described in point 7 above, by dividing each such score by the 90th percentile score attained in that specific board.
  • Based on the procedure mentioned in point 7 above, an adjusted score is determined for each candidate in the first shortlist for their graduation discipline. This is accomplished by dividing the candidates’ final percentage score in their graduating discipline (bachelors’ or professional degrees, depending on the situation) by the 90th percentile score. Only in cases where the candidate’s final graduation score is pending are incomplete or intermediate graduate scores taken into consideration. Therefore, the incomplete graduation score would be used in place of the final graduation score for candidates for a bachelor’s degree who are in their last year of study.
  • The following weights for the parameters are established for all the shortlisted candidates based on the procedure described in point 7, adjusted scores as described in points 9 and 10 above, and CAT score = 60%, 10th board = 10%, 12th board = 5%, Gender Diversity = 10%, and Work Experience = 15%.
  • Each candidate’s pre-PI score is determined using the weights mentioned above, and the aforementioned procedure yields a list of candidates sorted according to their pre-PI score in order of merit. A suitable number of candidates will be summoned for PI from the ranking list created by the above-described process, according to the order of their rank.
Stage 2: Personal Interview (PI)
  • The Personal Interview (PI) is the second phase of the selection procedure.
  • The panel will assess each candidate’s educational background, level of job experience, and other personal characteristics throughout the interview.

  • After adding the following weights, the aggregate scores are used to generate each candidate’s post-PI score. (a) Work experience (10%), (b) gender diversity (10%), (c) academic diversity (10%), and (d) personal interview (PI) (70%).
  • To choose the candidates for the programme, pre- and post-PI scores (with the proper weights) will be added together in the last stage. For every application category, the same selection procedure, criteria, and weights are applied.
  • At each level, enough applicants from each social category will be shortlisted in order to fulfil the reservation requirements for each group, as relevant for that specific admissions cycle.
  •  The following formula is used to get each candidate’s overall composite score:
Aggregate Score = 0.6 X Pre-PI Score + 0.4 X Post-PI Score
Aggregate Score = 0.6 X Pre-PI Score + 0.4 X Post-PI Score
  • The combined score indicated in point 17 above will serve as the basis for the final ranking list of applicants for admission to the MBA 2024 programme. Candidates chosen from each category will only get final admission offers based on their final rank, which is determined by adding up all of the points, as mentioned in point 17 above.
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