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IIM Vishakhapatnam: Fees, Eligibility, Admission, etc.

IIM Vishakhapatnam

The esteemed IIM family of business schools includes the Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (IIMV). The Government of India established this next generation IIM in September 2015. In the Government of India’s National Institutional Ranking Framework 2023, it ranks 29th out of all business schools in the country, better than all of the newer IIMs that were founded in 2015–2016.

The Institute is located in Visakhapatnam, the “City of Destiny,” and boasts two campuses with cutting-edge amenities. Its transitory campus is situated within Andhra University’s healthy grounds. A word-class GRIHA-5 Star facility situated on approximately 241 acres of land, the permanent campus is situated in Gambheeram Village, Anandapuram Mandal. It is roughly 25 kilometres away from the temporary campus, on the National Highway (NH) 16 that leads to Kolkata.

On India’s east coast is the charming coastal city of Visakhapatnam. By rail, road, air, and , it is easily reachable. It is one of the nation’s cleanest metropolitan areas. The city is a well-liked vacation spot with a stunning beach and a striking mountain range on opposite sides. The thriving metropolis is renowned for its trade and technology, innovation and industry, entrepreneurship and enterprise, tradition and talent, history and hospitality, culture and food, and tradition and talent. Numerous big, medium-sized, and small businesses (both public and private) in the energy, financial services, infrastructure, IT, pharmaceutical, and other vital sectors are based in Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam serves as the headquarters of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Naval Command.

  • Doctoral Programs (PhD)
  • Executive PhD Program (Exec-PhD)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program (PDF)
  • Post Graduate Program (PGP)
  • Post Graduate Program For Experienced Professional (PGPEX)
  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Governance and Management (PGPDGM)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) for Working Professionals
  • Post Graduate Programs in Management for the Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, Institutions of National Importance (PGPMCI)
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Phase 1:

All qualified applicants who registered for CAT 2023 and indicated IIM Visakhapatnam as a preferred school on the registration form would be taken into consideration during the first phase of the process. Candidates who meet the requirements at this point will be requested to apply online via the IIMV website ( in order to be considered for admission to PGP 2024–26.

Candidates who get minimal section-wise and aggregate percentile scores in the CAT 2023 are selected for the first shortlist. Only applicants who receive a positive (more than zero) raw score in each of the CAT 2023 areas will be taken into consideration. Table 1 displays the percentile cut-off scores for CAT 2023. The only applicants who are eligible for further processing, standardisation, and selection are those who made the initial shortlist. This means that the first shortlist is determined only by the CAT score (for those who indicated IIM Visakhapatnam as a preference on the CAT 2023 Registration form).

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The first round of candidates—those who indicated IIM Visakhapatnam as a preferred school on the CAT 2023 Registration form and who also satisfy the minimum CAT 2023 percentile requirements listed in Table 1 above—will receive an email from IIM Visakhapatnam by the third week of January 2023. This email will contain a link to a webpage where candidates must apply for admission to PGP 2024–2026 at IIM Visakhapatnam by a specific date and time by completing a comprehensive online application form. The shortlisted candidates will then be called for a personal interview.

Every candidate who made the Phase 1 Shortlist will be invited to complete the above-mentioned comprehensive online application. A Statement of Purpose, information about semester and year-by-semester marks in a bachelor’s degree, copies of all academic transcripts and certificates, copies of work experience certificates (if applicable), a certificate of disability (if applicable), and information about physically or economically weaker sections (EWS) or other backward classes (NC-OBC) certificates are all included in the application form.

The CAT will pre-fill the Phase-1 online application form with candidate data. If necessary, the candidate may edit some details (apart from Category).

  • The candidates who made the Phase 1 Shortlist and submitted their complete online application by the deadline, together with all the necessary papers, will be the only ones who move on to the next round of the admissions process, which is explained below.

Phase 2:

calculated as:

Score for Work Experience = 5x/12 , if x < 12 
 = 10, if 12 ≤ x ≤36
 = 10 – 0.625(x – 36), if 36 < x ≤ 48
 = 2.5 if x > 48

Where “x” is the months of work experience up to December 31, 2023, as captured in the IIMV PGP application form.

  • For all Qualified Confirmed Candidates, the weights for the six components are fixed as:
    • CAT = 50
    • 10th Board = 10
    • 12th Board = 10
    • Bachelors = 10
    • Diversity = 10 {Gender (Female & Transgender)}
    • Work Experience = 10
  • The following performance in each of the three sections determines the 50 CAT points: Quantitative aptitude (QA) is worth eighteen points, Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) is worth eighteen, and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) is worth fourteen points.
  • A pre-PI rank list is created for each qualified confirmed candidate based on the weighted aggregate of the six components, which are as follows: (a) CAT; (b) 10th Board; (c) 12th Board; (d) Bachelor’s; (e) Gender Diversity; and (f) Work experience or professional course. This list is then used to create a second shortlist of candidates for a personal interview assessment. A shortlist of qualified applicants will be created in order to facilitate selection through the use of the personal interview as an extra evaluation component.
  • All eligible and verified candidates will receive an email from IIMV requesting them to complete a consent form in order to be considered for an in-person interview with IIMV for the PGP 2024–2026 programme. Candidates who have completed the personal interview consent form by the deadline (also known as Phase-2 shortlisted candidates) will be the only ones whose schedules for the personal interview will be taken into consideration.
    The following formula is used to normalise or standardise any of the aforementioned components for every Phase-2 shortlisted candidate. Every standardisation is carried out using the first qualifying shortlist as a reference. The raw score (val) is multiplied by the standardised score (truncated between 0 and the weight (wt)) and is calculated as follows: Max [0, min {wt, wt/2 + ((val-mean)/sd) * wt/6}].

Phase 3:

  • Applicants should be aware that they will not need to show up for the in-person interview at IIMV if they are selected for further consideration and interviewed by any of the IIMs* in Bangalore, Kozhikode, Lucknow, or Indore (only for their PGP/PGPM programme). For these candidates, their IIMV personal interview score will be determined by averaging their scores from the aforementioned IIMs*.
  • It will be necessary for candidates who are not selected for further consideration and interviewed by any of the IIMs in Bangalore, Kozhikode, Lucknow, or Indore (only for their PGP/PGPM programmes) to attend an in-person interview at IIMV.
  • PI Score (weight=48)
  •  CAT (weight=25)
  •  10th Board (weight= 4)
  •  12th Board (weight= 4)
  •  Bachelor’s (weight= 4)
  •  Diversity {Gender (Female & transgender)} (weight= 5)
  •  Work Experience (weight=10)
  • Final admission offers to candidates will be granted only on the basis of their standing within each category, as determined by their final cumulative score, as stated in Point No. 21 above.
  • Please refer to IIM Visakhapatnam’s refund policy, which may be found on the Institute’s website ( at, if a candidate wishes to withdraw their admission.
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