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CAT Online Coaching: Know Everything


CAT Online Coaching: Know Everything

Should I go for CAT online coaching? A very common question among all CAT aspirants. In this blog, we will try to find out the answer.

There are a host of online CAT coachings in India. Some are running on Facebook, some on YouTube and some even on WhatsApp and Telegram. But which one to join. Every coaching institute claims to be the best. Moreover, the most important question is, should I join one? Here is your answer :

Depends on what academic background you come from?

Case 1 : You are a fresher and you are an average student

You are not very good at maths fundamentals and you have trouble understanding the basic concepts in maths. You are under confident and need a push every day. Then, my dear friend, you should definitely not go for online coaching. Online coaching can help you complete the syllabus, but trust you me, it will never give you the feel of the personalised guidance by a teacher. The rant and tight words of a true mentor is the only thing which can help you boost your learning spirit every day.

Case 2: You are a good student with excellent scores in HSC and SSC

Maybe you are an engineer from an IIT or NIT. You may also come from one of the elite colleges in India and you have a clear idea of what you have to study and how to go about it, In that case, an online coaching institute will help you. It is because you don’t need to be pushed, you just need to be mentored and guided. Maybe you write a mock test, score bad and you need someone to discuss your strategy with. Then an online coach can help you. But, in that case, also, DO NOT go for online coaching which runs on Facebook or any social media platform. Make sure to know the teacher you will be studying with. The best way is to search for YouTube channels and take free classes. See the teacher, write to him, ask for his number, talk to him and then decide which coaching to join. Also, ensure a good test series handy.

Case 3 : You are a working professional.

Just being a working professional does not justify that you should go for online coaching. Maybe you can go for weekend classes if possible in a reputed coaching institute. Remember, offline coaching is matchless. However, if you live too far from a coaching institute and you really want to study at the comforts of your home then online coaching can do the work.

Common claims of an online CAT coaching: A PROPAGANDA!

  1. 1.    A complete misconception. An average student needs a push and pressure to study. The Indian education system has made our habits as such. Only a self-realised, very disciplined student can do so. And to be frank, such a student does not even need coaching.
  2. 2.  All coaching institutes are declaring wonderful results these days. A coaching institute in Lucknow advertised that around 50 students got 90+ percentiles from its online coaching program whereas the reality was that it taught only 12 students. Beware! Do not believe in such lofty results.
  3. 3.    All online coaching institutes are offering the best in class test series for CAT. Furthermore, only one teacher teaches all subjects. NOT POSSIBLE. It requires great teamwork and skill to make a CAT mock test. Join a reputed test series.
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  5. 4. : Simple, You never get almonds at the cost of peanuts. You need better service, you need to pay better. No talented person will sell his skill for less money. Remember, saving money during preparation is like stopping the watch to save time.

I hope this article answers most of your doubts.

Cheers !

Happy Cracking CAT !!!

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