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IPMAT Coaching in Lucknow | IPMAT Crash Course in Lucknow

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IPMAT Indore Coaching | IPMAT Rohtak Coaching | JIPMAT Jammu Coaching | BBA Entrance Coaching

IPMAT is the most sought after exam for students who want to pursue BBA and MBA in an integrated course. Students who want to BBA write exams like CUET, NPAT, SET along with IPMAT exams in India.

FundaMakers provides the best coaching for students who want to prepare for IPMAT and BBA entrance exams. In lucknow it provides offline coaching and in Online mode it provides coaching pan India. Students from all corners of the country prepare for IPMAT exams with FundaMakers.

BBA entrance exams vs IPMAT exams

The most common BBA entrance exams are NPAT( conducted by Narsee Moonji Mumbai), SET( Symbiosis , Pune) CUET for central Universities , Christ University etc. The syllabus of the entrance tests usually constitute class 10th Level Maths, English, Reasoning and GK. Any student with 60 days of good preparation can crack these entrance exams.

IPM stands for Integrated Program in Management. It is a five year integrated course of BBA and MBA offered by five IIMs in India. Namely. IIM Indore, IIM Jammu, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi and IIM Bodhgaya. Their entrance tests are known as IPMAT. IPMAT exams are conducted by the IIMs. IIM indore, IIM Jammu and IIM Rohtak conduct their individual entrance exams. IIM Indore’s IPMAT primarily focuses on Maths and English. IIM Jammu and IIM Rohtak have sections of Reasoning as well. The level of these exams are a bit better than BBA entrance exams. Therefore, usually students prepare for IPMAT exams and BBA entrance exams are prepared along with.

FundaMakers offers IPMAT and BBA entrance tests combo course. Any student preparing for IPMAT default gets preparation modules for all BBA entrance tests in the country. Click here to read more about FundaMakers IPMAT offering.

Crash Course of IPMAT 2024.

After Class 12th exams are over, FundaMakers IPMAT 2024 Crash Course will start . It is scheduled to start on1st April 2024. The course will cover the following things:
1. Course syllabus of all IPMAT exams like IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak, IPMAT Jammu( JIPMAT) and BBA Exams like CUET, Christ University, Symbiosis Entrance Test, NPAT by NMIMS.
2. Complete Study Material i.e. 9 Printed Books, 250 topic tests, 30+ Mock Tests and Everyday Class Handouts.
3. 4 Hours Class Everyday and Recording Back ups of all classes in Online and Offline Mode.
4. College form counselling and form filling guidance.
5. The Personal Interview trainings will be given to every aspirant individually.

Crash Course Structure of IPMAT Crash Course | IPMAT Syllabus

The online and offline crash course for IPMAT will have similar course content. The number of classes and course structure is mentioned below.

image 3
IPMAT Crash Course Details

Fees of IPMAT/BBA Crash Course 2024

The details of the course are :

image 5
image 5

Click here to join our IPMAT/BBA Crash Course

IPMAT Crash Course Demo/Trial Lectures by FundaMakers- The best IPM coaching in Lucknow.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating! Try our real time class recordings to know us better. 👇👇👇👇👇

Maths Videos : Topic 1 Equations Ratio Proportion and Variation

ERPV 1 by Prashant Gupta – FundaMakers

Maths Videos : Topic 2 Geometry by Umesh Gupta

Geometry class by Umesh Gupta

Verbal Ability Class : Parajumbles by Surya Pratap Singh

RC Class : Reading Comprehension by Surya Pratap Singh

Click here to join our IPMAT/BBA Crash Course
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