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Top IPMAT Coaching in Lucknow

IPMAT coaching in lucknow

Excel in IPMAT with FundaMakers: The Best IPMAT Coaching in Lucknow

Introduction: The Best IPMAT Coaching in Lucknow

Preparing for the IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test) is a crucial step for students aspiring to secure admission to prestigious management programs. Lucknow, known for its rich educational heritage, is home to top-quality coaching institutes. In this blog, we will explore FundaMakers, the best IPMAT coaching in Lucknow. With its comprehensive online and offline coaching programs, FundaMakers is dedicated to helping students achieve success in the IPMAT exam.

Comprehensive Learning Platform:

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching provides a comprehensive learning experience through a dedicated student learning portal. The platform offers seamless navigation and easy access to all study materials. Students can conveniently explore various sections, including video lectures, practice tests, and study resources, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Interactive Online Classes:

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching stands out with its interactive online classes conducted on Google Meet. This enables two-way communication between students and expert faculty members, creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Students actively participate, ask questions, seek clarifications, and benefit from interactive discussions, enhancing their understanding of complex concepts.

Extensive Test Series:

To assess progress and improve test-taking skills, FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching offers an extensive range of test series. It includes 200 topic tests, 60 sectional tests, 30 full-length tests, and 20 All India Mock Tests with video solutions. These thoughtfully designed tests cover all relevant topics and exam patterns, providing students ample practice and a realistic simulation of the actual IPMAT exam.

Recorded Video Backups:

Recognizing the importance of revision, FundaMakers ensures that all classes are recorded and available as video backups. This feature allows students to revisit any session at their convenience, reinforcing key concepts and strategies. The recorded video backups provide flexibility for effective learning and revision, enabling students to revise difficult topics or revisit entire lecture series whenever needed.

Comprehensive Study Material:

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching provides students with a wealth of study material to support their preparation. As part of the course, students receive nine carefully curated books, conveniently couriered to their doorstep. Additionally, they gain access to four e-books containing over 10,000 practice questions. This comprehensive study material equips students with the necessary resources to practice and strengthen their conceptual understanding.

Other Entrance Exam Preparation:

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching goes beyond IPMAT preparation, recognizing the importance of other entrance exams. The course includes preparation modules for exams such as IPMAT Indore, JIPMAT, IPMAT Rohtak, SET, NPAT, and CUET. This inclusive approach expands students’ opportunities and maximizes their chances of securing admission to renowned management programs.

Flexible Online and Offline Classes: IPMAT Coaching Center in Lucknow

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching understands the importance of flexibility in learning. Online classes are conducted five days a week, with each session lasting two hours. Students can choose between two convenient time slots: 5-7 pm or 9.30-11.00 pm. For those who prefer offline classes, FundaMakers offers coaching at multiple locations in Lucknow, including Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, and Alambagh. Weekend batches are also available to accommodate students with varied schedules.

Course Completion within Six Months:

FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching is designed to provide a comprehensive and time-efficient preparation experience. With a well-structured curriculum and expert guidance, students can complete the course within six months. This streamlined approach allows students to focus on their preparation effectively and ensures timely completion of the syllabus.

Fees: IPMAT coaching fees

The fees for FundaMakers’ IPMAT Coaching program are competitive and provide excellent value for the comprehensive learning experience offered. To inquire about the fees and available payment options, interested students can visit the official FundaMakers website or contact their support team directly.


When it comes to the best IPMAT coaching in Lucknow, FundaMakers stands out as the top choice. With its interactive online classes, extensive test series, comprehensive study material, inclusive preparation for other entrance exams, and flexible class options, FundaMakers provides a holistic learning experience. The efficient course completion timeline ensures timely preparation, while the competitive fees make it accessible to aspiring students. Start your journey towards success with FundaMakers and achieve your goals in the IPMAT exam.

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