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MICA Ahmedabad: Admission, Fees, Cut Off, Eligibility, etc.

MICA Ahmedabad

MICA is the only residential institute in the Asia-Pacific area that was founded in 1991 with the goal of developing leaders in the fields of strategic marketing and communication. Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Communications (PGDM-C), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC), and Fellow Programme in Management-Communications (FPM-C) are among the many academic programmes that MICA, an independent, non-profit institution, offers.

The essence of MICA is found in its understanding of modern sensibilities and trends, meeting the demands of a constantly shifting world. The MICA brand guarantees the community, government, and business sectors of efficient Strategic Marketing and Communication solutions. It is currently the alma mater of individuals holding executive roles in marketing, brand management, research & analytics, advertising, media, digital, and other related industries at some of the most prestigious corporations in India and the globe.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management Communications (PGDM-C)

Fee Detail: The two-year Post Graduate Diploma programme cost, including Tuition Fees, Residential Charges, Infrastructure Facility Charges, etc., is Rs. 23,00,000 (approx.).

  • Fellow Programmes in Management Communication (FPM)

Fee Detail:

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  • Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communication (CCC)

Fee Detail: The one-year Post Graduate Certificate programme costs, including Tuition Fees, Residential Charges, Infrastructure Facility Charges, etc., is Rs. 10,00,000 (approx), including GST.

A postgraduate degree, master’s degree, or similar qualification certified by UGC, AIU, or AICTE with at least 55% of the possible points, or an equivalent grade, in management, communications, humanities, or social science, is required of all applicants. An extra benefit will be exposure to and knowledge of marketing, media, public relations, advertising, and/or journalism.

After finishing higher secondary (10+2) or an equivalent programme, the candidate should have additionally finished a three-year Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification certified by UGC, AIU, or AICTE. Any discipline (engineering, science, social studies, arts, commerce, communication, management, or media) is eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Candidates for the programme may also be foreign citizens or NRIs holding non-Indian degrees deemed by UGC, AIU, or AICTE to be comparable to the credentials mentioned above with GRE.

All those who meet the criteria described above, their final composite score shall be created based on the following weightage:

  • CAT/XAT/GMAT: 20%
  • MICAT: 30%
  • GE: 20%
  • PI: 30%

Step 1: Conduct phone interviews with qualified applicants.

Step 2: The candidates who made the short list take the FPM Admission Test at MICA. The Written Test (WT), Individual Presentation (IP), and Personal Interview (PI) are the three days of the FPM Admission Test, which is conducted on the MICA campus.

Candidates would be accommodated and boarded on the MICA campus in order to appear for the admission test.

Written Examination (WTE)
The written exam will test the candidate’s comprehension of communication theory, their capacity to look into communication phenomena, and their ability to analyse information and make inferences.

Based on recommended readings, the WT will have a descriptive style. Following the phone interviews, candidates who made the short list will get the required readings over email. They must read them with critical analysis. Given that this is an open-book exam, candidates are welcome to bring copies of the readings to the WT.

Individual Presentation (IP)
The subject of the presentation will be the candidate’s submitted research proposal. He or she will have fifteen minutes to address the group of specialists. It will be necessary for candidates to present using PowerPoint (PPT).

Individual Interview (PI)
After the IP, a team of specialists will conduct a personal interview to evaluate the candidate’s character and research zeal.

Those who make the short list for the FPM Admission Test will receive an email with the specifics of the test format and schedule.

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