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XAT Exam Preparation Strategy

XAT 2022 EXAM STRATEGY Fundamakers

The CAT 2021 Exam Response Sheet is out. You must have checked the result of your Hard Work. Well, there are only 2 states of mind that you can be in. Either you are feeling like the KING of the WORLD, or, your world is in RUINS.

Well, either way, it is important to understand that, THE MORE THE BETTER!!

XAT 2022 Exam will open the gateway to India’s One of the Best B-School the “XLRI”. The XAT 2022 exam is somewhat different than other Management Entrance Exams like CAT, NMAT, SNAP, etc. Let us now formulate a strategy that will help you crack the XAT exam with maximum efficiency.

XAT 2022 Preparation Strategy in 1 Month

The XAT 2022 Exam is scheduled to be conducted on 2nd January 2022 which leaves us approx 25 days to prepare for this exam. After CAT, Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is the bigger fish in the list of all the management entrance exams. Even if you could not perform well in the CAT exam you can always work harder for the XAT exam. XAT 2022 exam is your first step towards the XLRI colleges which are among the top 10 institutes in India for pursuing an MBA degree.

Just a month away, here are some tips and tricks to nail every section of the XAT exam this year.

Before reading ahead, take a deep breath and remember what happened can’t be changed. There is no need to get into the hustle-bustle of finding the exact percentiles on different websites. Only focus on how to grab the next opportunity and get started with your bright future. Focus all your energy on the remaining MBA exams such as XAT, NMAT, and GMAT.

Break your de-motivation and in-cash your CAT preparation by focusing on all the other Management Entrance Exams. We at FundaMakers bring you this extremely well-composed article on a strategy to crack XAT 2022 exam. In this article, we will discuss each section in-depth and how to nail each section to score high in the paper.

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The first thing first is, in the XAT 2022 Exam paper we do have negative marking for unattempted questions. If a candidate leaves a set number of questions then they will be penalized with a certain amount of negative marking (–0.1). The positive part is the candidates should focus on accuracy in the XAT paper because it is better to lose 0.1 rather than losing 0.25 marks due to a wrong answer. Therefore, if you do not know a question then you should definitely NOT attend it.

Section-Wise Strategy for XAT 2022 Exam

Verbal Ability Section of XAT Exam:

A myth about this section is, this section is the same as the DILR section of CAT. NO! The Verbal Ability Section of XAT is completely different. Out of 26 questions, around 14 questions were from RCs in XAT 2021. There are questions based on poems, vocabulary, and para jumbles. Whereas, the Logical Ability part of this section is called the “Critical Reasoning”. It is more inclined towards whether the candidate identifies the most supporting statement or not.

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The key to nailing this section in the XAT 2022 Exam paper is READING. The more you read the more you increase your understanding. You increase your vocabulary. In comparison to the CAT Exam, the verbal and logical reasoning section is easy in the XAT Exam. If you have strong verbal knowledge then it will be easy for you to crack the Verbal Ability Section in the XAT 2022 Exam.

Business Decision Making Section in XAT Exam:

Decision Making is one section in the XAT Exam where you don’t have set rules for preparation. All your practical knowledge and mindset are the key to cracking the Decision Making Section in XAT Exam. Solving Decision Making Questions is all about how to solve an issue raised in a company. You can expect questions like, In a company Mr. XYZ did something and Mr. ABC responded in an MWR way. Being the manager of the company, how are you going to react to the situation? (You get 5 options to choose your answer from).
If you keep practicing some questions of Decision Making for XAT every now and then in your preparation journey there are high chances you can secure a high score in this section. Never keep this section for the last day.

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Quantitative Ability Section in XAT Exam

The Quantitative Ability section of XAT is a mix of mathematics and DI questions. The super-easy trick to solve the mathematical questions in this section is, go for three rounds.
Round 1: Solve all the super easy questions.
Round 2: Go for medium-level questions.
Round 3: Go for at least 2-3 questions from the topic you are comfortable with but seem difficult in the paper.

This trick will serve your purpose and will help you nail this section with ease. Be ready to have questions from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and solve a glimpse of curves and graphs.
Coming to the DI questions, be ready for some super easy questions in the section. DI questions in XAT are not as difficult as CAT.
Therefore, the quant section of XAT is somewhere on the lower edge when compared to CAT paper.

General Knowledge Section in XAT Exam

This is the thread call of XAT. In CAT we do not have anything like GK or GS. 25 questions from GK, focused on current affairs are asked in the XAT paper every year. This section needs continuous updates in your general knowledge but this section is not scary. There is no negative marking in this section and there is no sectional cut-off set in this section.
Read newspapers and stay alert about all the important news around the globe to do a decent number of questions in this section. This section is the tiebreaker in case there is a score tie between different candidates. Therefore attend as many correct answers as you can.

Here are some videos that might help you in preparing the latest Current Affairs that might come in handy in the XAT 2022 Exam.

XAT 2022 Exam Strategy

  • Start with the section in which you are confident. This will keep your confidence high. After all, well begun is half done.
  • Switch between different sections. There is no sectional timing in XAT like CAT. Be alert and if you regain a GK answer while doing maths. Immediately mark that answer. After completing one RC, do a few questions from the quant section then jump to BDM and repeat from the verbal section.
  • Make sure you give at least 45 minutes to each section to get the best score possible and if you save time give it to the section where you think you need more time, like Business Decision Making.

Well, this is all for now. We will be coming up with a brilliant strategy along with tips to solve the Decision Making Questions that are asked in the XAT Exam.

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