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XAT Decision Making Preparation Tips

XAT 2022 DECISION MAKING PREPARATION TIPS XAT 2022 EXAM decision making Fundamakers

Decision Making Questions for XAT

The Decision Making Section in the Xavier Aptitude Test is one of the most scoring and tricky sections. For the last couple of years, 20+ questions are asked from Decision Making in XAT Exam. This section is all about testing the candidate’s managerial attitude. This section is not just about scenario-based questions. The Decision-Making section can be divided into two subcategories according to the questions that appeared in the XAT previous year question papers.

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The two subcategories are Mathematical questions and Behavioural and Managerial Questions. Let us look in detail and know all the strategies to nail each question in the Decision Making Section.

Mathematical Questions | XAT Decision Making

Decision-Making Questions in XAT of this type are oriented towards Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. You can expect a lot of data in this section which requires a lot of in-depth analysis. Reading and understanding the data provided in the question has to be quick to avoid time consumption. Speed to scan data can only be built by hard-core practice. Keep practicing DI and LR-oriented questions to score high in your XAT paper. One simple trick to solve such questions is, attempt a mathematical question in the XAT paper only if you know you can solve it in a decent amount of time or there are some tips and tricks to solve the question. Be accurate with your answer to avoid any negative marking.

Behavioural and Managerial Questions | Decision Making for XAT

Let us look at the approach towards the type of Decision Making questions asked under this format:

You are the manager of a small firm. There are two employees out which you need to fire one. Employee A is good with skill sets but has an issue of procrastination which has often created issues in the team. Whereas, employee B is not good with the skill sets but is very hardworking and has a positive attitude. As a manager whom will you fire?
To answer such questions you need to be PRACTICAL and NOT EMOTIONAL. The decision will affect the company’s growth and atmosphere. When we get Decision Making questions in XAT that are situations based we often take it as a personal decision but in reality we have to think rationally and critically keeping all the parameters together.
All such pose ethical/management/human recourse-related dilemmas that you are expected to address and solve. All such questions are a combination of critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions.
Therefore, if you have to perform well in the decision-making section in the XAT Exam you need to work hard on the following skills:

  • Reading
  • Data Analysis
  • Critical and rational thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Eye on detail

How to Approach Decision Making Questions in XAT Exam

Along with the above-mentioned skills, here are some heads up that you must consider while solving XAT Decision Making Questions.

Business Ethics

Do not go with unethical situations.
For Eg: You are driving a car without wearing a seat belt. A traffic policeman stops you. He says, “Give me Rs. 100, and I will let you go or you will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500”. What will you do?
The answer to this situation is that I will pay a fine of Rs. 500 and get the receipt. (Practically you might not). In any case, do not resort to non-ethical situations (even if it is costing too much).

Life & Death Scenario:

If it is a case of life and death, one can ignore ethics for the time being.
In the above example, if you were rushing to donate blood, but getting a receipt for the fine will take time (which the patient doesn’t have), then you will pay Rs.100 to the policeman.
But also, you will have to make sure that you come back later and file an FIR against that policeman who asked for the bribe. This will support the ethics now.

Always stick to your role:

Suppose you are the Manager at a firm and there is an employee who is very hard-working but does not have the required skillset and is thus a liability for the company. However, to complicate the scenario, let us have a fact that he is the only earning person in the family of 10 people, out of which 7 are children whose education and everything depends on his earning. Also, that person’s mother is a heart patient and has to be given regular medical treatment, the money for which comes from this person’s salary. Now, the main question is, will you fire this person from the job or let him continue?

Ans: You will fire him. YES!!! Don’t be surprised. You are the manager of the firm and it’s your first duty to look after the profit of the firm.

Think Logically.

Try to be logical and not emotional in making judgments. Your choice would automatically be the right choice.

Avoid Personal Opinion

The Decision Making Questions in XAT Exams are designed to test your ability of “Thinking on Your Feet”. Don’t let your personal Opinion cloud your judgement. You are required not to use your approach based on your Value. Do not favour a particular side in any particular case.

Establish Stakeholders

In XAT Decision Making questions, every situation presented to us involves multiple stakeholders or people for which the presented information will be quite relevant. Make sure you make a list of all of these associated stakeholders or people in the talk.

Analyze Problems Holistically

Analyze the situation from the viewpoint of each and every stakeholder or person in the talk. Use a holistic approach while solving Decision Making Questions in the XAT exam and do not overlook any side of the story.

Maximize Benefit & Minimize Damage

While solving XAT Decision Making Questions, you are required to select the choice that yields maximum benefit and minimum damage.

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Crux | How to Prepare for Decision Making Questions for XAT Exam

Well, to sum up, here are some quick tips to ensure maximum marks in Decision Making Questions in XAT Exam:

  1. 1 to 2 Weeks of rigorous practice from an authentic source like XAT Previous Year Decision Making Questions is sufficient to crack this section.
  2. Do not take any unethical decision that will undermine your authority while solving XAT DM Questions even if it costs more money in the given situation.
  3. Keep the basic sense of business intact.
  4. For the Decision Making questions requiring mathematical analysis, make sure you exhaust all the given options before coming out with a conclusion. XAT Decision Making Questions are tricky and sometimes what seems obviously better isn’t actually the best or correct option.
  5. Utilize this time to solve a lot of XAT Mock Tests and spend equal time on their analysis as well. This will help you in formulating an apt strategy for cracking XAT Exam.
  6. Have a suitable strategy before entering the exam hall.

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