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JIPMAT 2023 Analysis and Expected Cut Off: A Comprehensive Overview

jipmat 2023

JIPMAT 2023 Introduction:

The Joint Integrated Programme in Management Admission Test (JIPMAT) is a highly anticipated exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The JIPMAT 2023 exam, held on May 28, 2023, witnessed a significant number of registrations, with approximately 8,500 students vying for admission to esteemed integrated management programs. This blog provides an analysis of the exam’s sections and highlights, along with an expected cut-off for different categories.

JIPMAT 2023 Overview:

The JIPMAT 2023 exam was a computer-based test conducted in an online mode. It lasted for a total of 2.5 hours, with no sectional timing, allowing candidates the flexibility to manage their time effectively. The overall level of the exam was reported to be more difficult compared to the previous year’s JIPMAT 2022.

JIPMAT 2023 Section-wise Analysis:

  1. Quantitative Ability: The quantitative ability section was rated as easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. It required a fair amount of calculations but was considered easier than IPMAT Indore. This section comprised approximately 16 statement-based questions, and candidates made around 22-25 good attempts.
  2. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: The DI and LR section was classified as easy to moderate. However, there were reports of a caselet in the data interpretation segment being incorrect, causing confusion among students. Candidates managed to attempt around 26-28 questions in this section, which included sets of data interpretation, arrangement-based questions, coding-decoding, number series, and other reasoning topics.
  3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: The verbal ability section was deemed easy to moderate. Word meanings posed some challenges for candidates. The section consisted of reading comprehension passages, fill in the blanks, synonyms/antonyms, sentence improvement, idioms and phrases, error spotting, sentence rearrangement, spelling, sentence completion, and short passages. Candidates made around 25-28 good attempts in this section.

JIPMAT 2023 Section-wise Topics

Quantitative Ability– Easy to moderate difficulty level
– A bit calculative, but easier than IPMAT Indore
– Approximately 16 statement-based questions
– Good number of attempts: around 22-25 questions
Topic-wise Questions– Averages: 1
– TSD: 2
– Geometry: 3
– Mensuration: 4
– Time & Work: 1
– Algebra: 4
– Trigonometry: 2
– PnC and Probability: 4
– Percentage, Profit and Loss: 6-7
– Ratio: 1
– Simplification: 1
– Number System: 3
Data Interpretation and– Level: Easy to moderate
Logical Reasoning– Reported caselet in DI was incorrect according to students
– Good number of attempts: 26-28 questions
Topics– DI: 3 sets (2 sets with 4 questions, 1 set with 2 questions)
– Arrangements: 3 questions (Single question per caselet, time-consuming)
– Coding Decoding: 5 questions
– Number Series: 3 questions
– Clocks: 2
– Calendars: 1
– Analogy: 1
– Directions: 1
– Critical Reasoning: 1-2
– Blood Relations: 1
Verbal Ability and Reading– Easy to moderate
Comprehension– Word meanings were a bit confusing
– Good attempts: 25-28 questions
Topic-wise Questions– Reading Comprehension (Passages): 1 passage with 4-5 questions
– Fill in the Blanks: 5-6 questions
– Synonyms/Antonyms: 3 questions
– Sentence Improvement: 1-2 questions
– Idioms and Phrases: 2-3 questions
– Error Spotting: 3-4 questions
– Sentence Re-arrangement: 1-2 questions
– Spelling: 2 questions
– Sentence Completion: 2-3 questions
– Short Passages: 2-3 questions
Summary: Good Attempts & Marks– Quantitative Ability: 25 questions, 100 marks
– LRDI: 26 questions, 104 marks
– English: 28 questions, 112 marks

JIPMAT 2023 Expected Cut Off Marks: The expected cut-off marks for JIPMAT 2023 are as follows:

  • General Category: 290
  • EWS Category: 260
  • NC-OBC Category: 250
  • SC Category: 200
  • ST Category: 160

It’s worth noting that the cut-off for girls is expected to be 10-15 marks lower than that for boys due to a 5% gender diversity factor.

Conclusion: The JIPMAT 2023 exam presented a comprehensive assessment for aspiring candidates. With sections covering quantitative ability, data interpretation and logical reasoning, as well as verbal ability and reading comprehension, the exam tested various skills necessary for management education. The expected cut-off marks provided in this blog serve as a rough estimate and are subject to change based on official announcements.

Disclaimer: The data and expected cut-off mentioned above are based on independent research by FundaMakers. It is important to note that FundaMakers does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the expected cut-off. For the most reliable and up-to-date information, candidates are advised to refer to official sources and announcements regarding JIPMAT 2023.

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