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IIT Roorkee: Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Cut off, etc.

IIT Roorkee

The Indian Institute of Technology One of India’s top engineering and technological universities is Roorkee. IIT Roorkee, the first engineering college founded in India in 1847, is regarded as one of the world’s premier centres of excellence. In 1949, it was granted recognition for its exceptional track record of delivering high-quality education and was named the first independent University of Independent India. It was renamed the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2001. In 19 academic departments/centers of Engineering and Technology, Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Management, there are approximately 4500 students at the Institute.

A new knowledge-driven society is emerging in the modern quickly changing global business and commerce environment, revolutionising the aptitude required of managers. Seeing this, the Department of Management Studies was founded in 1998 by the former University of Roorkee to provide formal instruction in management science of a high calibre through a two-year regular MBA curriculum.

In a short amount of time, the Department of Management Studies has built up the necessary knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to effectively deliver management education. The Department is housed in a beautifully designed two-story facility that has four roomy lecture halls, a huge computer lab, a library with six hundred books spread over two stories, committee and syndicate halls, an auditorium equipped with teaching aids, and a wide central atrium. Modern computer labs and first-rate departmental libraries complement the centralised resources offered to students at the Institute level. The Department has access to WiFi.

1, Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

2. Executive MBA (EMBA)

3. PH.D.

Eligibility Criteria

graduates in any field with at least 60% (or 55% for SC/ST/PD) in a professional qualification recognised by UGC as being equal to or beyond a university degree.

Students in their last year may also apply. If chosen, these applicants will be admitted on a provisional basis as long as they meet all requirements by the deadline and earn a minimum percentage and CGPA (or its equivalent) for the qualifying degree. The percentage will be taken into account when total marks or CGPA from qualifying degree exams have been granted.

Candidates who fall under the OBC category must provide a photocopy of their category certificate, which must be in the format specified by the Indian government and be issued by a competent body after March 31, 2023. At the time of the interview, candidates who identify as SC, ST, or PD must present the necessary certificate in the format specified by the Indian government, obtained from a competent body.

Shortlisting Criteria

Based on how well they performed in the CAT 2023, a preliminary shortlist of candidates will be created in order to issue invitation letters for interviews.

IIT graduates qualified for JEE or JEE (Adv.) with CGPAs of 7 or higher on a 10-point scale will not need to take the computerised test (CAT) and will be contacted immediately for a personal interview.

In order to release the offer letters, a common merit list will be created based on the results of the selection criteria. The candidates who made the short list will receive email invitations to interviews. The Institute’s website will also have access to this data.

Only at IIT Roorkee are interviews tentatively set for March 2024.

CategoryShortlisting Criteria
Category 1. On the basis of CAT ScoreCAT Score 100%
Category 2. IIT Graduates (Admitted through JEE or (JEE Adv.) CAT Score is not mandatory.IIT Graduate with CGPA 7 and above

After an interview and consideration of their work experience, the program’s ultimate admissions decision will be based on their combined CAT 2023 performance.

Students in their final year of pertinent undergraduate programmes who have passed the necessary qualifying exams are also eligible to apply. Candidate appearance in the interview may be based on aggregate results up to a pre-final year, in which the percentage should not be less than that mentioned above under essential requirements, in the event that the final examination mark sheet is not available at the time of the interview due to a delay in the announcement of results.

CategoryShortlisting Criteria
Category 1. On the basis of CAT  2023 scorePersonal Interview: 30% CAT Score: 60% Work Experience: 10%  
Category 2. IIT Graduates (Admitted through JEE or (JEE Adv.) CAT Score is not mandatory.IIT Graduate with CGPA 7 and above


The number of seats available in the MBA Program is presently 95.


As per Government of India rules.

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