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IIM Amritsar: MBA in Human Resources (HR)

IIM Amritsar: MBA in HR

Established in 2015 under the mentorship of IIM Kozhikode, the Indian Institute of Management Amritsar (IIM Amritsar) has swiftly carved out a reputation for academic excellence and industry-focused education in the field of management. Situated in the culturally rich city of Amritsar, Punjab, IIM Amritsar stands out not only for its vibrant campus life but also for its rigorous academic curriculum designed to nurture future business leaders.

One of the distinctive programs offered by IIM Amritsar is its MBA in Human Resources (HR), which is tailored to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills crucial for managing human capital in modern organizations. This specialized program delves deep into areas such as organizational behavior, talent management, employee relations, and strategic HRM, preparing students to address the complex challenges faced by HR professionals today.

In the realm of HR education in India, IIM Amritsar has consistently earned accolades for its MBA program. It has been recognized among the top institutions in the country for HR education, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality education and producing industry-ready professionals. The program’s emphasis on practical learning through industry interactions, case studies, and internships further enhances its appeal among aspiring HR professionals seeking a holistic educational experience.

Overall, IIM Amritsar’s MBA in HR program not only stands out for its academic rigor and industry relevance but also for its contribution to shaping the future of HR management in India. Its consistent ranking among the top institutions in the country underscores its significance as a preferred choice for students aspiring to excel in the field of human resources.

Course Curriculum

The first year of the IIM Amritsar MBA HR programme provides students with a core functional understanding of management, and the second and third years offer HR specialisation courses.

First Year of the program

  • Preparatory Program: For chosen students, the Institute provides a mandatory 2-week preparatory programme to improve their preparedness for the MBA HR programme.
  • Programme for new students: The orientation programme introduces students to IIM Amritsar’s facilities, services, and extracurricular activities in addition to the IIM style of teaching.
  • First-Year Courses: These required courses include fundamental concepts and analytical techniques in a variety of functional areas of management.
  • Summer Internship: Following the first year of the programme, all students complete an eight- to ten-week summer internship. Students can apply their first-year learning through projects supported by organisations during their summer internship. Final placement offers are frequently the consequence of student performance during their summer internships.

First Year Courses

image 14

Second Year of the Program

Core HR courses for second-year MBA students are offered during the fourth, fifth, and sixth terms of the programme.

Additionally, from specialisation areas including Business Strategy, Economics, Communication, Production & Quantitative Methods, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, and Information Systems & Analytics, students can select elective courses.

In addition, under the supervision of Institute staff, students must complete a mandatory field project linked to HR in their second year.

Second Year Courses

image 15

Admission Process

  • In order to select deserving candidates for admission to the Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources (MBA-HR) Programme at the Indian Institute of Management Amritsar (IIM Amritsar) for the batch of 2024–2026, the following procedure will be followed for each category of admission: General, NC–OBC, SC, ST, EW Sand PWD.


  • To determine a candidate’s eligibility for the MBA-HR Programme, IIM Amritsar compiles a composite score based on several factors, including the candidate’s section-wise CAT scores, work experience quality, marks from the graduation programme, gender and academic diversity, and board exam and section-wise results from grades 10 and 12. The procedure is described in the attached document.
  • It is recommended that candidates properly convey information about their grades from grades 10 through 12 and graduation, as well as information about their chosen field of study. A candidate’s application won’t be taken further in the selection process if they submit information incorrectly, as this will be interpreted as misrepresentation. The decision made by IIM Amritsar in this case is final, and no more discussion about the processing will be allowed.
  • To identify which applicants will be invited for PI, the first stage of the process is applied to all eligible candidates who present for CAT2023.
  • Candidates who have achieved a minimum percentile score in each section and an overall CAT 2023 score are on the first shortlist. Only applicants who receive a positive (more than zero) raw score in each of the CAT-2023 components will be taken into consideration. Only applicants chosen for this initial shortlist are subject to additional PI/WAT screening. The minimum percentile cut-off scores that were predetermined.

 Minimum Percentile Scores applicable to CAT 2023 for the MBA-HR batch of 2024-2024

image 16
image 17

  • The weights assigned to the following parameters are fixed for all shortlisted candidates based on the process described in points above, adjusted scores as described in points 9 and 10 above, and CAT score = 50%, 10th board = 10%, 12th board = 5%, Gender Diversity = 10%, Work Experience = 15%, and Academic Diversity = 10%.
  • The Personal Interview (PI) is the second phase of the selection procedure.
  • The panel will assess each candidate’s educational background, level of job experience, and other personal characteristics throughout the interview.
  • After applying the following weights, the aggregate scores are used to generate each candidate’s post-PI score. (a) Work experience (10%), (b) gender diversity (10%), (c) academic diversity (10%), and (d) personal interview (PI) (70%).
  • The aggregate composite score for each candidate is calculated based on the following formula-The aggregate composite score for each candidate is calculated based on the following formula- Aggregate Score = 0.6 X Pre-PI Score + 0.4 X Post-PI Score

Program Fee Structure

image 18

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