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How to Score 99 Percentile in VARC or English Language Section of CAT?

cat varc is all about healthy reading habit, i am rio! (1)

Preparing for the VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension) section of the CAT (Common Admission Test) is not just about having a good command of the English language. It requires a strategic approach, consistent practice, and an intellectual bent of mind. Here’s how you can achieve that elusive 99 percentile in the VARC section.

1. CAT Reading Comprehension Requires an Intellectual Bent of Mind

While proficiency in English is essential, it’s not enough to ace the Reading Comprehension (RC) section of the CAT. The RC passages cover a wide array of topics, requiring you to be well-read and comfortable with diverse subjects. Here’s a snapshot of the topics commonly seen in CAT RC passages:

To excel in RC, immerse yourself in varied reading materials such as academic journals, editorials, and literature. This will not only broaden your knowledge base but also enhance your ability to comprehend and analyze complex texts.

To illustrate this point, I’ve compiled a list of RC passages from various entrance exams, showcasing the breadth of topics covered. This list not only serves as a guide for prospective test-takers but also highlights the intellectual engagement required to excel in these exam.

2. 100% CAT VARC Questions Are Based on Reading. So Read. Read and Read.

The entire VARC section hinges on your reading ability. Apart from Reading Comprehension, you’ll encounter questions on:

  • Summary Based Questions
  • Parajumbles
  • Paracompletion
  • Odd One Out
  • Critical Reasoning

A lack of robust reading habits can be disastrous. Regular reading helps improve your speed and accuracy, essential for navigating through dense and tricky passages and questions.

3. Solve Critical Reasoning Questions

Although Critical Reasoning questions aren’t the mainstay of the CAT VARC section, practicing them can significantly enhance your linguistic and logical reasoning skills. Critical Reasoning involves evaluating arguments, identifying assumptions, and drawing inferences—all of which are crucial for acing RC passages. Regular practice in this area will sharpen your analytical thinking, aiding overall performance.

4. Solve at Least 4 RC Passages Every Day for 6 Months

There are no shortcuts when it comes to preparing for the CAT VARC section. Consistent practice is key. Commit to solving at least four RC passages every day for six months leading up to the exam. This rigorous practice will help you:

  • Improve comprehension skills
  • Develop the ability to quickly identify key ideas and arguments
  • Enhance your accuracy in answering questions

In addition to RC passages, engage in eclectic reading. Explore a variety of genres and topics to keep your mind agile and prepared for the unpredictable nature of the CAT exam.

By following these strategies—broadening your reading horizons, honing your critical reasoning skills, and committing to daily practice—you can significantly improve your chances of scoring a 99 percentile in the VARC section of the CAT. Remember, the journey to mastering VARC is one of persistence, practice, and intellectual curiosity.

5. Solve CAT Past year Questions Here: Click CAT Question Bank

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