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how to crack 99 percentile in CAT 2024

It’s not very important to score highly on the CAT 2023 in order to get into the best MBA schools. Even though many applicants receive great CAT scores, they are not chosen for admission to IIMs. The scaled score of each candidate after the normalisation process is low, which is the cause of this.

A candidate’s performance in comparison to other applicants is shown by their CAT percentile. The majority of MBA programmes make available their specific CAT percentile cut off in order to choose worthy applicants for admissions consideration. Therefore, in order to guarantee a spot at their desired college, it is advised that aspirants aim for a 99 percentile score on the CAT 2023. This articles guides you through the tips to score 99 percentile in CATV2024

Understand the CAT Exam Pattern

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Scores Necessary for 99 Percentile in CAT

While obtaining a 99 percentile on the CAT may appear difficult, it’s not that hard. It is advised by experts that applicants take the exam strategically, aiming for a score of at least 100 out of 198. Candidates who want to use this strategy well should choose questions that are easy to answer and have a higher grade point average.

Candidates should aim for an 85+ percentile in any two sections and a 99 percentile in one CAT section in order to achieve a 99 percentile score. To put it another way, applicants should strive for 45–50% in each of the two CAT components and 55–60% in the remaining section.

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Focus on the Negative Marking Scheme for CAT

It is recommended that candidates prepare for the CAT exam in 2023 strategically, starting early and aiming for a particular score range. Additionally, during the CAT exam, students must meticulously mark their answers in order to achieve the desired score. While there is no negative marking for TITA questions on the CAT exam, there is a one-mark deduction for each incorrect attempt on multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

Attempting only questions that a candidate is positive about is the key to avoiding negative marks on the CAT exam. A small mistake or educated assumption could cost you points.

Appropriate Time Management for 99 Percentile in CAT

Those planning to take the CAT in 2024 need to have exceptional time management skills. The CAT exam paper for 2024 will consist of three portions, with forty minutes allotted to each section for candidates. Moving from one area to another is also prohibited.

In light of this, in order to ace the CAT exam, MBA candidates must develop time management skills in order to efficiently manage their time both before and during the exam. Based on historical patterns, each section’s question count will be different. However, each portion will start at the same moment.

The ability to quantify (QA)

Reading comprehension and Verbal Ability (VARC) Data interpretation and logical reasoning (DILR).
Each section gives applicants forty minutes to finish. Applicants have to finish answering every question in a section in the allotted time. Another portion appears on the computer screen once the allotted time has elapsed. Furthermore, applicants are prohibited from returning to a particular portion for inspection or editing.

Attend the mock CAT exam

Taking many practice exams during the preparation process is another efficient way to achieve a 99 percentile on the CAT exam. These carefully crafted exams are meant to aid applicants in comprehending the nature of the examination and the degree of difficulty of the questions.

CAT mock examinations are a good way for applicants to improve their accuracy and speed. In order to achieve a high percentile on the real exam, they can also evaluate how well they performed on the practice exams and optimise how they take exams. With the right guidance achieving 99 percentile in CAT won’t be a big deal, so let’s spread some light on the services of the best CAT coaching in Lucknow

Why FundaMakers?

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In conclusion, achieving a 99 percentile in CAT 2024 is a challenging yet achievable goal with the right guidance and preparation. FundaMakers offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support students at every step of their CAT journey, from conceptual understanding to exam-day strategies. With their expert faculty, customized study plans, and personalized approach, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the CAT and secure admission into the business school of your dreams. So why wait? Enroll with FundaMakers today and take the first step towards CAT success!

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