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GIM: Admission, Fees, Cut off, Eligibility, etc.


North Goa district, in the state of Goa, is home to the autonomous business school known as the Goa Institute of Management, or GIM-Goa. A Jesuit priest named Romuald D’Souza started GIM Goa in 1993. The two-year full-time MBA (PGDM) programme, the two-year PGDM-Healthcare Management Programme (HCM), the two-year PGDM in Big Data Analytics (BDA), the two-year PGDM in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services (BFIS), and the three-year part-time Executive MBA are all offered by the board-governed institution. It offers a full-time doctoral curriculum called the “Fellow Programme in Management” (FPM), which is perfect for people who want to work as academics or professors and conduct academic research. Additionally, GIM offers corporate trainings and management development programmes to a range of MNCs and public and private sector businesses.

Ribandar Campus (1993-2009)

The campus was moved to the historic structure in the Ribandar Conservation Area as the program’s popularity among students increased over time. The Institute truly thrived on this location, where they offered their renowned postgraduate management diploma. This stunning 350-year-old historic campus was located in Ribandar’s Santa Casa de Misericordia, on the calm banks of the Mandovi River. The Goan government is in charge of maintaining the structure that once housed the school as a heritage conservation area. The final full-time class to graduate from this location was in 2011.

Sanquelim Campus (2009-Present)

The Institute moved to a large site in Sanquelim’s lush surroundings in 2009. This 50-acre campus is environmentally friendly and equipped with a cutting-edge solar power producing facility to suit the campus’s energy needs. The water treatment facility makes certain that reclaimed water is gathered in a shared pool and used for upkeep. Together with native birds and a variety of freshwater fish, the pool boasts its unique flora and fauna. Rajya Sabha MP Ashok Sekhar Ganguly, a former chairman of Hindustan Lever Ltd. and Mla of Sanquelim Pratap Prabhakar Gauns, officially opened the new campus.

  • PGDM. (Full-time) FLAGSHIP.
  • HCM. Healthcare Management. (Full-time)
  • BDA. Big Data Analytics. (Full-time)
  • BIFS. (Full-time) Banking, Insurance and Financial Services.
  • IDA. (PGDM BDA, GIM + Masters in Business Analytics, Nova SBE Portugal)
  • HYBRID PGDM. (Online) For Working Executives, Entrepreneurs
  • FPM. (Full-time)
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Graduates are invited to apply for admission to full-time PGDM programmes. Candidates who make the short list are invited for additional assessment.

A minimum of 50% overall in a bachelor’s degreeApplicants may also apply if they plan to finish all degree requirements before June 2024. Applicants in their last year of study should have received at least a 50% aggregate in their most recent exam (45% for those in the SC/ST category).

Must have completed or shown up for any one of the following tests:
XAT 2024 (Achievers/ELITE round applicants may alternatively use XAT 2023)
CAT 2023 (Achievers/ELITE round applicants may alternatively use CAT 2022)
Examined on January 1, 2022, through January 15, 2024 (including GMAT Focus Edition). See for more information. Request that GMAC submit the score by January 31, 2024. The admissions committee of GIM has determined that the CMAT exam results will not be taken into account for admission to the 2024–2026 batch.

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What is Achiever’s Round?

To make the interview process easier in the chosen cities, only shortlisted candidates for the Achievers Round will need to take the GMAT, CAT, or XAT.
Academic standouts from a particular group of universities are asked to apply as ELITEs for the Achievers round. Following eligibility verification (alma mater and topper status), all ELITE applications will be granted the chance to participate in the interview process.

Scores from competitive exams will be added later. A limited group of candidates will get an offer of spot admission; the remaining candidates will be considered for admission in April.

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