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List of GD-WAT Topics for MBA

GD-PI WAT topics for MBA

Important topics for MBA | WAT Topics for IIMs

Post the first round of MBA entrance tests i.e. the written exams, the time has come to start your preparation for group discussions, written ability tests, group exercises interviews or group interviews (in SPJIMR). Most of the IIMs have a WAT round followed with an interview round. Hence, It is important to have a great idea about how to write an effective WAT.

There could be two major challenges which a candidate may face in WAT. First, deciding on the structure of the essay and secondly , managing the content of the essay. Let me guide you through both the challenges.

How to prepare for WAT in IIMs?

The typical time which you may get for WAT is between 15 mins to 25 mins. Word limit is around 250 to 300 words. A normal sentence in english language contains around 12-15 words. Means, you need to make around 20 -25 sentences in 20 minutes. That is quite manageable provided you do have a proper structure ready. You wouldn’t like starting the essay without proper organisation of the ideas. A student who does not have a proper structure writes-thinks-deletes-thinks-writes-deletes-thinks-writes-deletes-time up ! However a student with a predesigned structure would Think-Make Structure-Write-Submit.
So, invest around 2 mins in organising your thoughts. Then do the following –
1. Write Keypoints
2. Write Introduction – Your general idea of the topic.
3. Write Body – The Pros, Cons, Data, Examples, Your real life experience etc. Make sure you are sensible and not sensitive !
4. Write Conclusion- This is the most important part of the essay which should talk about solutions of the problem or a balaced view of the topic. Dont be biased at your opinions.

The most important tool which would help you ace GDPI _WAT is practise. write a WAT everyday. Discuss or show your piece of writing to your friends and teachers. look for feedback and use them constructively. You can join FundaMakers GDPI-WAT training module in case you want a professional touch to your training.

How to PESTLE? – Managing content in WAT.– How to prepare for WAT?

In order to find more ideas on a given topic it is best to PESTLE. P stands for politics, E for Economy , S for Social, T for Technology, L for Legal, E for Environment. In case you want to generate constructive ideas to write an essay, PESTLE the idea and keep writing facts and views.

Expected topics for WAT for aspirants of MBA this year under different categories:

  Current Affairs (General Knowledge) Topics for WAT

  1. Covid-19 and Its Impact
  2. India’s Internal Security: AT RISK?
  3. Worldwide Lockdown and its long term impact
  4. The ban on chinese APPs.
  5. Abrogation of article 370
  6. Facebook Reliance Jio Deal
  7. Amendment of Citizenship Act 2019
  8. Net Neutrality : A distant dream in India.
  9. 2020 presidential election in the US and its impact worldwide
  10. GST: A fast growth pathway for the Nation
  11. Companies amendment act
  12. Merging of banks in India
  13. Farm Bill: What is it and your views?
  14. Assam Mizoram Border Dispute

  Social Affairs and Educational Topics for WAT

  1. Recent steps in women empowerment taken by the government
  2. Negative impact of lockdown on children 
  3. Swachh Bharat Mission: Still a work in progress?
  4. Your views on National Education Policy (2020)
  5. Government initiatives to multiply vaccine production and drive
  6. Union Budget: A cap on unnecessary expenditure 
  7. Diamonds or trees: which is important?
  8. Digital Platform – A thread to individual security 

General Topics for WAT

  1. Indian Population: Asset or concern?
  2. Indian Labore sector is more skilled than any other sector?
  3. Crises and emergencies – New opportunities
  4. Social Media – Distraction or a place to show your talent? 
  5. GST: a blessing or burden?
  6. Indo-China relations
  7. India-US relations
  8. Globalization vs Nationalism
  9. Public Health measurement 
  10. What is the new normal lifestyle?
  11. Cryptocurrency
  12. Electrical Vehicles
  13. Tesla and India Government
  14. Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism 
  15. Difference between India 2018 and India 2020
  16. 2021 – The year of Unicorns in India

Expected topics for GD for aspirants of MBA 2022-24 under different categories:

  Global Topics for GD

  1. Afghanistan and Taliban
  2. Indian Armed Forces: 2010 vs 2020
  3. The Ukraine Crisis: Russia vs the West
  4. Indo-Chinese Tension
  5. India and International relations
  6. COVID-19 and its global impact
  7. Trump and Hitler: World War Conditions
  8. The birth and earth of farm laws
  9. Privatization of PSUs
  10. An Increasing number of unicorns: concern or opportunities?

  Abstract Topics for GD

  1. Freedom: A myth?
  2. Orange is the new Black
  3. Seeing you drowning is entertaining?
  4. Work from Home: A damage to work-life balance 
  5. Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?
  6. Manager or Entrepreneur: Who is an all-rounder?
  7. Ethics or profit
  8. If every job needs some experience, why hire a fresher?
  9. Leader Vs Boss
  10. Innovation vs Improvement
  11. 9 to 5 Vs 24 
  12. Innovation vs Improvement
  13. There is always room for improvement
  14. Social Media Followers Vs An actual friend
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