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CMAT GK PDF 2022 Download | 1001 Questions of CMAT GK

CMAT 2022 GK Questions

If you are preparing for GK ( General Knowledge) Section of CMAT 2022, then your search ends here. Download the CMAT 2022 GK questions PDF from this blog and you will have a repository of 1001 questions of CMAT general awareness section FundaMakers- The Best CAT Online Coaching brings to you all the resources for you MBA entrance exams.

About GK Section of CMAT 2022 | CMAT GK Questions

There will be 20 questions of general awareness in CMAT 2022. The questions will cover –
1. Static GK- History, Geography, Economics, Constitution, Books and authors, famous personalities etc.
2. Current Affairs- Major National and International events from economy, budget, business, sports, obituaries, books and authors, awards, environment etc.
You can download CMAT 2022 pdf from FundaMakers to cover all types of questions which will be asked in CMAT 2022.

How to prepare for GK Section of CMAT 2022? | CMAT GK PDF 2022

  1. Reading newspaper is a must for CMAT 2022 GK Section.
  2. If you are late to prepare for CMAT 2022 then you can visit various websites of general awareness and do revision of GK monthly updates.
  3. If you want to prepare for CMAT 2022 and only one month is left then download 1001 Questions of CMAT General Awareness in PDF format from this blog.
  4. Remember, Revision is the key. read this pdf at least 2 times to perform well in CMAT 2022 Exam.

Preparing for CMAT GK Questions is an art. You should know what to study and what not to study. If you try to complete all the topics then 2 years is also not enough. You should try to simply the syllabus and go through past year papers of CMAT GK section to understand the relevance of topics. Then decide as to which all topics have more number of questions in the exam. Then start your preparation accordingly.

CMAT 2022 New section : Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Ensure that you focus the new section in CMAT 2022. This will be a very important section for students who want to perform well. This is a new section and not all students will have an idea of this section. In case you have practiced relevant questions for this section, you may have an upper edge in CMAT 2022 score. Download the pdf of entrepreneurship and innovation questions here.

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Gaurav sharma
Gaurav sharma
2 years ago

sir is it enough for one who have not prepared anyone question/topic of gk ?? can we score 15/20 from this 1001 pdf ??
please reply sir

thank you for this pdf sir work appreciated

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