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Retaking CAT this time: Is it worth it?


Retaking CAT this time: Is it worth it?

CAT as it is, is one of the toughest exams to crack at the first attempt, and the thought of retaking it can seem to be difficult even more. A lot of people can have this type of thought. They are in a big dilemma to invest their time again into the next attempt and not get fruitful results. They think whether it is wise to spend more time on this exam or pursue something else, where chances of succeeding are better. As these Covid times are consistent in 2021, their dilemma has multiplied 10 times over. With the risk of health and dropping economy staring us in the face, it is but justified to have doubts.  But one should not take impulsive decisions relating to one career. In this article, we will be talking about “Retaking CAT this time: Is it worth it?” and what all factors must one keep in mind.

Factors affecting decision Retaking CAT this time

1. Has Covid- 19 brought changes regarding the exam?

Nothing much has changed. The announcement of CAT 2021 has been made and it will be conducted by IIM – Ahmedabad this year. The date of the exam has not been announced yet. Some things are going to be beyond our control but that should not be worrisome.

The exam is likely to be held in November, so it means that you have almost 6 months to pull up your socks and focus on your preparation rather than worrying about uncertain things.

2. The instability in the economy has made people skeptical to retake CAT 2021

There are always ups and downs happening in the economy. So, the year 2023, i.e., the end of the two-year MBA programme for CAT 2021 aspirants, would not be any different. No one can be certain as to what will be the state of the economy in these uncertain times. So there is everything to gain and nothing to lose and so you should start preparing.

If you wish to change your life for better and want to enter the corporate sector at a higher position of responsibility and salary, then you can retake the CAT exam this year.

3. Risk of Failure?

Some people are attempting the CAT exam more than one time so there is a fear of repeated failure along with the risk of health and uncertainty this year.

Many people dream of cracking the CAT exam in their first attempt itself but only a few are able to do so. This also makes people a little de-motivated as a series of repeated failures to crack CAT makes them afraid or apprehensive to give yet another attempt. Add to it a period of pandemic and uncertainties and the situation gets worse. Still, retaking the CAT exam is never a bad decision. You can always give yourself another chance. There is no need to feel embarrassed about it. Therefore, you need to buckle up and determine what is needed extra so you can fill the gap and crack the exam this time. You need to shake things a little and update your strategy. Do not get overburdened with the pressure of what all is at stake, career wise.


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  

Jack Canfield

4. Didn’t get a chance?

Some people are apprehensive of giving another shot as many of the applicants score more than 99% and still do not get a call for admission for a Personal Interview or after PI.

There are many students who score more than this. This does not mean all of them will get admission. If this happens then there is no need for a WAT or PI stage in the admission process altogether. Some will be unlucky in this regard. Still, this should not discourage others to try and crack the exam as it is not impossible. This fact would remain the same in your first attempt and your latest attempt.

If you were among those who haven’t received the call last year, try to analyse what was it that you were lagging. Make your profile strong enough so the same doesn’t repeat next time too.

Going by the “Half Glass Full” positivity, there are only 2-3% of students scoring 99+%ile who do not get admission. This means that scoring more than 99%, in any case, increases your chances to get selected.

What type of candidates does IIMs want?

IIMs want bright, intelligent people who have what it takes to be an MBA graduate in a true sense. CAT score alone does not necessarily serve that purpose. It is the filtering stage at the basic level. WAT and PI stages are influential as well. The bar is set high because demand exceeds supply in this situation.

So, if you have considered the above mentioned factors then then it is upto you what you want to choose for yourself.

Stay Motivated, Stay Fit and March forward to make your dream come true!

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Retaking CAT this time: Is it worth it?
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