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Last Week Preparation Strategy for CAT 2022 Exam- CAT Toppers

Last Week Preparation Strategy for CAT 2021 Exam- CAT Toppers FundaMakers Best CAT Coaching

CAT 2022 Last Week Preparation Strategy

Hello CAT 2022 aspirants,

Hope your preparation is going on smoothly and you are ready to crack the CAT 2022 exam. Well, if you are unsure about your success, and are feeling demotivated even after dedicating all the time, let us remind you that your performance will drastically improve and will depend on what you do in the last week of CAT 2022 exams. So, we at FundaMakers CAT Preparation Institute have brought to you the Do’s & Don’ts in the Last One Week of your CAT Preparation based on the experience of our Past CAT Achievers.

What “to-DO” during Last Week of CAT Preparation

Say a “BIG NO” to new topics:

You have already been given a lot of time to cover the entire CAT 2022 syllabus. If you have left some topics, now at this moment do not turn around and start with new topics. A new topic needs 5 – 6 days of dedication, question-solving tips, and tricks which at this moment is not possible. So, it is better to say NO to new topics. It is crucial to understand that the CAT 2022 Exam is not about solving 100% of the questions. You will be able to fetch a great percentile even after attempting 50% questions with higher accuracy.  

Revise your strong topics:

Keep your strong topics and section strong by revising them on a regular basis. At this moment make sure you recognize your strong topics and sections. This helps you to stay calm and focused during your CAT Exam.

Increase your frequency of mock tests:

Mock tests help you get familiar with the CAT Exam paper pattern. Helps you in keeping your strategies and solution speed in the given time frame. If you lack confidence, increase your mock test frequency. This can check on your strong topics as well. This will also help you in screening the questions in the CAT 2022 actual paper. It is advised that during the last week of your CAT 2022 Preparation, a candidate should take not more than 4-5 CAT Mock Tests (but remember not to get demotivated if you are scoring low). The main idea is to get accustomed to the stress and environment while giving the tests. Make sure you are analyzing the paper afterward in order to make necessary changes in your CAT Exam Taking strategies. Believe us, it will help you in performing THE BEST during the actual CAT 2022 Exam.

Focus on speed and accuracy:

Attempting questions is important but keeping track on time and accuracy is what you should focus on, at this time.  Make sure you are confident with your answers and solve them in the given time duration.

Do not skip meals:

Health is wealth, you have studied well the entire year but if you don’t feed yourself well and don’t stay hydrated you might fall sick. So eat healthily and stay hydrated. In the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you wear your mask and don’t go out unnecessarily.

Take periodic breaks and stay positive:

It is proven scientifically that if you take periodic breaks when preparing for exams, your overall productivity increases. Your retention power improves. It helps you stay positive about your preparation journey and keeps you calm at the end of the day.

Check Your Center and Slot Time:

Search the shortest route possible to your center. Arrange your transportation beforehand. Check your slot. If possible, visit your CAT Exam Center 1 or 2 days prior to the Actual CAT Exam. This will help in removing the Last minute anxiety.

Hope you have understood What to DO, one week before the CAT Exam. Now let us look at what NOT-TO-DO during that time period.

What NOT-to-DO during Last Week of CAT Preparation

CAT Mock Tests Over-Attempt: 

Do not be greedy and attempt the questions if you are not sure of the answer. Always screen the type of questions you wish to go first and then the questions you can attempt after solving. Never attempt just to do more questions. There is no marking for attempting more questions but for every wrong answer, there is negative marking.

As per FundaMakers CAT 2021 Toppers, Mr. Rohan Gupta (CAT 21- 99.89%ile) and Mr. Ayush Agrawal (CAT 21- 99.81%ile) an aspirant MUST NOT attempt unnecessary questions just to increase the number of attempts. Hit & Trial should be used on only those questions on which you are confused between 2 options.


You have invested your time, energy, and other resources in CAT preparation; all this can be at risk if you are overconfident. Confidence is good but overconfidence is not. You have to stay focused and have faith in yourself.  

Continuous unhealthy lifestyle: 

No sleep, no proper food, dehydration will affect your efficiency when you will give your CAT 2022 paper. In this duration take proper sleep and diet. You need to take care of yourself to do better when you are solving the paper.

FundaMakers CAT 2021- 99.73 %iler Mr. Prakansh Mishra emphasized on the part that Proper Sleep & Food is as important as attempting the actual CAT Exam. He said that “there were questions in the CAT 2021 Exam that was easier to solve and could have been marked by him if there was no exhaustion during the exam.”

So, it is highly advised to get a disciplined lifestyle at least during the last week of your CAT Exam Preparation.

Waste Time: 

Take periodic breaks but don’t just waste your time doing unnecessary things like surfing social media, attending parties, or just Netflix and chill. All this might hamper your last-minute relaxed mindset and high chances are you end up with less percentile. So take breaks, listen to meditative music but don’t lose focus from your target.     

Drop a Year for CAT Preparation: 

Never think to drop the paper just because of the last-minute preparation pressure or because you are not scoring well in mock tests. Practice is the key to your better performance in the CAT paper. So don’t let the drop idea get to your brain and disturb your thinking capacity. 

Note: CAT is an unpredictable exam in which the section-wise difficulty may increase or decrease every year. So, don’t ever think of dropping a year just because you are unsure about your preparation. It will also lead to a decreased performance during the actual CAT Exam. Wait till the results are out. Take a well-planned decision afterward.


After summing up all the experiences both Good & Bad from our Past CAT Achievers, here are some PRO Tips that will help you in Cracking the CAT 2022 Exam with a good score.

  • Take your mock test in your actual CAT 2022 slot time.
  • Keep your periodic breaks according to the sectional timing. For 2022, take a break after every 40 minutes.
  • Keep seating in front of the screen with basic necessities with zero disturbances like water, pencil and paper.  
  • Discuss your last minute doubts and confusion with your mentor or parents. Remember no question is useless.
  • Keep all your books and papers away a day before the exam is scheduled.
  • Stay away from phone and social media to avoid any disturbing news around the globe.
REMEMBER: “Nothing makes a player more productive than the last minute”. – John Kessel

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All the Best!!

Team FundaMakers

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