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You might have food delivered at your doorsteps but it can never equal the cherish of dining out in a candle light. You might have a big courtyard but you never get the feel of a stadium in it. You might have a good night long chat on social media but the thrill of hanging out will always be a sky higher than that feel. Now, if you agree with us, allow us to say, it is only when great minds gather under a roof that real knowledge can be talked about. The feel of the sling bag on the shoulder, the rustle of pages, the scribblings of a pen and the stains of ink are glad tidings of a great time. With open hearts and great expectations, we welcome you to our Offline Classroom Program. We currently offer our offline services in Lucknow. And guess what, our students have walked through the doors of their dream B-School like Nawabs. Here we unfold our magic carpet, and its magic elements, for you to take you with us on a flight of success.

Expert Faculty- Simply CAT Aficionados!

Our Faculty members are those who have had great scores in CAT and have consistently exhibited their potential ever since they joined us. We put this fact ahead of their knack for teaching, their vibrancy, their peppy nature and their mastery of concepts, because we believe that until one has gone the way, one cannot show the way. Our students can lay their full trust in them and remain assured that it won’t be shaken.

Five times a week classes- Your presence is SUBLIME!

We maintain a healthy schedule of classes where we don’t break your back with classes or leave you wandering for too long. We deal with every concept at micro level, inspecting minutest details and analysing the pitfalls. We don’t overkill one chapter too much or skip too fast contents that are important. We deliver with justice only what is JUST! We are the FundaMakers, and our Fundas are ground-breaking. We begin from basics, ascend gradually and in no time you would find yourself dealing with CAT level questions with ease. We don’t take shortcuts or throw philosophy at you. We work and make you work. As simple as that!

Remedial classes- Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

If you don’t get the concepts straightaway or fail to comprehend bits and parts of a topic, we are always at your back. Not everyone comes from the same background and disparity in school education causes disparities in understanding. But simply because you did not have a great time does not mean you cannot have now. We work our socks off but make sure that nobody is left behind in the journey to CAT. We won’t go without you. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!

Pre-recorded video lectures- What we call A Stockpile of Wisdom

If you think that these classes are not enough and you need guidance more often than others, not because you conceive lesser than others but simply because you are more conscious about your attempt, we have a library of video lectures for you to view, learn, revise or polish your concepts. Watch and listen in silence and solitude to absorb all that is said and taught.

Study Material- “Reading Maketh A Full Man”

Let’s excuse Bacon for his sexist wisdom but that is some proverb nobody can ever deny. So we take care that you are as complete as you should be and provide from class handouts, for daily practice, to whole set of 10 books, for more detailed study (and also for the fragrance of paper!) That must make you not only a complete but also a ready PERSON. (We’re not sexists!)

Doubt Resolution – We LOVE dispelling your doubts!

Be it a Dragon Warrior like Po (The Kung Fu Panda!) or a CAT aspirant, we all have doubts. Doubts are good because beyond them lies certainity and a stronger grasp. Only one who has went through and tried can come up with doubts. So, we take care of our sincere brains not by taking up their doubts once or twice or thrice a week but delivering our doubt solving services 24 x 7!

Practice Tests- NOTHING beats TRAINING

Be it the World Cup or CAT, one who has trained well in similar surroundings outperforms the others.Our Mocks take care of topic-wise revision through 400+ Topic tests, section-wise strength building through 60+ Sectional tests and finally 50+ CAT level full length mock tests provide the thrill of CAT before you actually face it. Not only this but you can also scale and graph your performance against fellow test takers by our ranking and percentile markers. BE THE MASTER BLASTER IN CAT!

GD-PI-WAT Preparation- Together till the last mile!

When you have made through the tough part and exhibited to all what you are really made up of, we take the charge to take you into your dream college. From perplexing topics for your writing practice, gruelling sessions of GD to those unnerving mock interviews which nerve you up to move the last big boulders off you way to your dream B-School.

B- School Counseling- You deserve more!

Right! We don’t wish to see you going on ways which do not lead to beautiful destinations. We help you make the best choice for you deserve nothing short of the BEST! Book a demo class here. Fill the form and our counsellors will get back to you !


Frequently Ask & Questions

Yes, if you are an enrolled student for CAT-21/22 program, we will provide special classes to cover-up extra topics for XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT etc as well.

Speed plays a crucial role if you are appearing for MBA entrance exams. We provide speed building & quick Calculation Technique sessions to help you in reducing the calculation time for a question. Along with that, we provide you 300+ time based tests through which, you will be able to learn and solve ample number of questions within a specified time range.

Yes, you can. The class schedule for the online and classroom program are mailed to you. You can attend the class as per your convenience. We at FundaMakers, believe in providing the BEST possible sources for your CAT preparation.

Yes. In a typical 10-12 months of your CAT preparation, we make you revise the topics atleast 2-3 times. We also upload our Online Live Sessions on the student portal so, incase a student wants to re-attend the class, he/she can always watch the lectures ‘n’ number of times.

Around 70% students face this issue. Don’t worry, we have a unique approach to this problem. In case of your exams, we temporarily hold the CAT classes so that you can focus on your upcoming exams. Once you are done with it, we schedule sessions from where you left off. This is to make sure that both your graduation and your CAT prep goes on smoothly and efficiently.

To make you understand better, we have put the batch size to a bare minimum of 35 students (unlike other institutes in which batch strength is more than 50)